What causes irregular periods? Find out all the things that trigger the condition and how to avoid them and avoid serious consequences.

Irregular menstruation prevents women from taking care of themselves with birth control, since they can never be sure of the ovulation period.

Irregular menstruation is considered when the menstrual cycle occurs before 21 days or after 35.That means that all the cycles who are out of the natural average close to 28 days are irregular.

These alterations can be recurrent or present at some specific moment in a woman’s life. Regardless of the symptoms, you have to get a gynecological check to determine the causes. There are treatments for each individual organism that can provide quick solutions and allow a more precise care.

So, what causes irregular periods? How to know when to seek help? Continue reading and you will find out what causes irregular periods and how to prevent the condition.

What causes irregular periods?

1) Eating disorders

Bulimia and anorexia alter menstrual cycles causing their absence, at least in three consecutive months. The body mass index as well as the consumption of calories directly affects and brings greater consequences. In adolescents, it delays the first period or causes its disappearance.

2) Stress

High levels of anxiety situations and nervousness attack the whole organism. The production of excess cortisol prevents the correct work of estrogen and progesterone. All this internal revolution modifies the time in which the periods should appear. Also there can be an increase in blood flow or a decrease.

3) Contraceptive pills

Although the pills act as a method to regularize the cycles, they can sometimes produce irregular menstruation. It usually happens when you are not taking them correctly. You have forgotten to take some or you have been taking several together and this can generate a hormonal disorder. Also, it can happen to women who decide to change the brand of contraceptives. The body needs to adapt to the fresh hormones the new drugs possess.

4) Polycystic ovarian syndrome

Different cysts are produced in the ovaries that affect the regularity of ovulation. The period may even disappear for a while or they can cause fertility problems. Cysts are little bags full of fluid that press on the ovary. Women prone to this syndrome usually take contraceptive treatments to prevent this. In the most severe cases, surgery will be necessary.

5) Other diseases

What causes irregular periods other than the previously mentioned diseases is diabetes or alterations in the thyroid gland. As with eating problems, there is imbalance of hormones. Imbalance causes loss of or irregular periods.

6) Menopause

Before the definitive menopause, menstrual cycles can begin to alter little by little. It is a sign that the end of ovulation is near in the life of the woman. In the same way, you should not stop using contraceptive methods at this time. The possibilities of getting pregnant isstill valid and, in fact, have surprised more than one.

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In the presence of irregular menstruation, it is necessary to visit a professional to detect the true cause. The first thing is to go through the necessary tests to be sure that it is not an unforeseen pregnancy. The treatments to follow depend on each case.

It can be very easy for some to return to normal but it is more complicated for others. The truth is that the desire to be healthy physically and psychologically must prevail. If they do not communicate, it is very difficult for doctors to find the solution.

To take into account

Families must be very attentive with the periods of the adolescent daughters. The risks of falling into eating disorders are too great nowadays. If the mothers do not detect it, it will be practically impossible for them to go through it on their own.

Those who are trying to get pregnant will benefit by regularizing their menstruation. Otherwise, it is very difficult to know when you are ovulating to try fertilization. Imbalance of hormones do not mean necessarily mean infertility, but they do decrease the chances of getting a pregnancy quickly.

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