You can cure vaginal yeast infection in the commodity of your home. Just use one of these tricks or combine them and your private area will be clean from fungi.

Every woman has yeast in her vagina and that yeast is usually inactive; it does not cause any problems. However, when there’s inflammation, the yeast overgrows and causes vaginal infection.

Vaginal yeast infections are usually not dangerous and are easily treatable. Nevertheless, they are so irritating and disturbing that you immediately want to get rid of them as soon as you notice the symptoms. And, yeah, the symptoms are nasty, alright.

The symptoms are always the same: yellowish drainage, itching and sometimes even pain.

But what causes these infections? In almost all cases, these infections are caused by candida albicans. You always carry candida with you, but when there’s yeast growth, candida makes things worse. If not treated right and on time, candida can even cause wounds and warts on your private area.

Another yeast infection cause is antibiotics consumption. Whenever you’re sick and you’re taking antibiotics, you’re at risk of getting yeast infection.

Cure vaginal yeast infection at home

Apple cider vinegar

We’ve talked a lot about the apple cider benefits. What you have never heard is that you can use it to cure vaginal yeast infection. Sounds weird, right? Actually, you need to make a bath with it and soak for at least 15 minutes. In this way, apple cider vinegar will directly get in touch with your infection and cure it. After that, make sure you shower with water only; do not use bath soaps.

Use marigold

Marigold has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It can lower the inflammation, thus prevent candida activation. It also has antifungal properties which help you get rid of fungal infection. Crush some marigold leaves and put them around your private area.

Treat infections using tea

There are plenty of herb and fruit teas which can ease the pain, stop the itching and successfully cure your vaginal infection. You can either drink them or use them for washing your vagina.

For example, you can use chamomile tea to wash your vagina with it and you’ll get rid of the itching. You’ll feel better in an instant. You’ll immediately feel a relief.

Or, you could drink rosemary, blueberry or cranberry tea. These three teas are known for their infection relief properties. You can consume them as prevention or you can consume them when you have infection. Drink at least 4 cups of one of these tea regularly, every day.


I know, right? Garlic on my private area? Yuck! It turns out that garlic has the most powerful antifungal properties. If you make a paste out of organic garlic and apply it on your vagina, you’ll feel that it’s healing right away.

But of course, you can always eat it for prevention or when you have infection. If you mix it with coconut oil and vitamin E capsules, you have the perfect weapon against infections.


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