There are 6 cancer causing items in your home that you’re using regularly and you should immediately throw them away! Get informed!

Although you’re not aware, you have things around the house that are exposing you at risk of cancer. You’re using them regularly, in different forms, and you’d think you cannot live without them.

These items are loaded with nitrobenzene, formaldehyde and methylene chloride. Do you know what are these? Carcinogens! Carcinogens found in your perfume, plastic bags, shampoos and rubbers. Now you get the idea? You see that you’re using them literally every day?

But the list does not end here. There are items that put you in an even greater risk of cancer because you’re absorbing or inhaling them. Let’s look at these cancer causing items that can be found in your home, which you should throw away, like, now!

6 cancer causing items in your home

1. Art stuff

You’ve probably never thought about this one being dangerous for your health. How the hell would your home look like without art supplies? I mean, man, everyone has art supplies in their homes, right? Well, take a step back and think about it: what kind of material is used for these supplies? Are they toxic? In turns out, certain materials like acrylic paints, glues and markers contain dangerous chemicals that can cause cancer and different types of allergies. So, maybe it’s time to remove all those paintings, vases and other art supplies from your bedroom, ha?

2. Candles

All those marvelous scented candles that fresh up your room are releasing so much hazardous substances that you cannot even imagine. Namely, they contain lead-core wick which is five times more dangerous than the regular, unscented candles.

3. Bath soaps and shampoos

You must know by now that it’s safe to use homemade shampoos and bath soaps instead of store-bought. This is because the latter are loaded with toxins and you directly absorb them through your skin. Although it is not scientifically proven, some researches claim that they are in fact causing cancer.

4. Plastic curtains

Talking about showering, let’s look at plastic shower curtains. Whenever steam gets in touch with the plastic shower curtain, it emits terrifyingly harmful toxins. These volatile organic chemicals put in danger your health more than you can imagine. Try replacing them with glass shower doors.

5. Air freshener

When it comes to inhaling, other than candles, you’re regularly inhaling the scent of the air fresheners – again, loaded with toxins. It contains phthalate ester and other carcinogens. In fact, it can make asthma worse and it can affect the reproductive process. No wonder the label says ‘not safe for kids’, right? If you want to fresh up your room, try essential oil fragrances instead.

6. Deodorants

With all the different deodorants and antiperspirants that you use on daily basis, you’re literally filling your body with toxins. You absorb them, they stay in your body and cause different types of cancers and other diseases. Even if you’re skeptic about it, you could actually make your homemade deodorant or armpit detoxifier.