To use and make these homemade products instead of buying them is the best thing you can do. This is the healthier, tastier and cheaper way to live. See how!

use and make these homemade products instead of buying them

We all know that almost all of the store bought products are bad, and even dangerous for our health. They contain chemicals which cause only harm to your body. Of course, these chemicals are necessary in order for the products to last longer. But how about making your own products? They’ll be in small amount, they’ll cost less and they’ll be incredibly healthy. Did you know that you can make everything at home: from face creams to ketchup? Look at our suggestions and use and make these homemade products instead of buying them. They’re super easy, see for yourself.

Use and make these homemade products instead of buying them

Body care

Face cream – Have you ever read the label of a face cream? Have you seen all of the chemicals and extracts? It’s time to make your own homemade cream out of perfectly natural ingredients. Other than looking healthy, you’ll feel more natural-looking with applying your homemade face cream.

Armpit detox – Better not start criticizing deodorants! They consist of noting else than chemicals! You can make your own armpit detox and enjoy the nice, non-sweaty armpits!

Herbal gels – Herbal gels are perfect for treating many skin rashes and infections. You can easily make gels that treat hemorrhoids, acne, rashes,  and many more.

Headache remedy – Headache is something so disturbing. It ruins your day, and you instantly take a pill. No! Pills are chemicals-only. Try making your homemade remedy for easing the pain.

Homemade hangover cure – Ha! Even that?! Yeah! You can easily stand on your feet after a crazy night and a lot of alcohol just using your homemade hangover cure.


Homemade spread – Why buying highly poisonous spreads when you can make them? All you need is healthy ingredients and a blender. Try olive spread and hummus. You’ll love it, your kids will love it and your guests as well.

Homemade mayonnaise – All you need is eggs, lemon juice, oil, salt and a blender. Mix all of these ingredients and here’s your homemade mayonnaise. It’s super tasty, super healthy and you know what you’re eating, right?

Cheese and milk – You thought that cheese and milk can only be tasty if store-bought? No, you’re terribly wrong. Try making your almond cheese and milk! You’ll make them both at once and you’ll really enjoy them.

Peanut butter – Easy as pie! Blend honey, peanuts and peanut oil. You’d say ‘Really?’… Try it and see for yourself.

Chocolate cookies – Milk goes with cookies, right? Then, you’ll need guilt-free cookies, right? Well, you can make the most delicious chocolate cookies of your own.

Ketchup – Of course, ketchup is best when it’s homemade. It tastes better than the store-bought ones, it’s healthier and includes no sugar or chemicals.

Juices – You think that you can make only orange juice by squeezing an orange? You’re wrong. You can make juices of any kind; all you need is a nice juicer. You can make both veggie or fruit juice. Depending on your choice or your kids’ choice, you can make your own homemade juice.