How To Use Baby Powder To Get Rid Of Many Household Problems? – 10 Amazing Tricks!

Learn how to use baby powder to solve many problems around the house. Look at these 10 unusual baby powder uses and enjoy the benefits!

Baby powder is one of the products that should never be missing at home, regardless of whether or not you have a baby. The talc they contain is extremely functional to solve problems at home as well as problems of beauty.

Yes, of beauty. Read on to discover the wonderful uses of baby powder. Clearly, the main use of baby powder is to help these little ones get refreshed and so that diapers do not hurt them.

However, there is much more inside these containers that can serve for many more tasks. Here is a short list of all the tasks that you can solve in an extremely simple and practical way with the same powder you give to your baby. Learn how to use baby powder in order maintain your beauty and keep your house in a perfect state.

How to use baby powder?

Untie the knots of a necklace

Do not pull the collar to untie the knots. Just add a little baby powder and see how you can undo it with the help of a pin.

Renew your furniture

To keep the good smell of the furniture, especially the old ones, add some baby powder on them and they will be like new.

Prevent the appearance of greasy hair

If you notice that the grease in your hair does not go away with the showers, sprinkle a little baby powder on it. Let it act for a few minutes and go, you will see how it absorbs the fat.

Fight the heat

During summer when it’s super hot, the heat causes everything but the urge to sleep. Sprinkle some baby powder on it and cool quickly.


The smell of talc is a big enemy of the ants. Sprinkle some where you see them and they will not appear again.

Oil stains

As we mentioned above, talc absorbs fat and the same thing happens with oil.

Wooden floors

These usually squeak after some time. Pour talc in the cracks and it will not squeak again.


To increase the volume of your eyelashes, apply a little baby powder on them with a swab.

It also works to prevent moisture in rubber gloves, relieve sweaty feet, among others. Without a doubt, the baby powder is quite useful.

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