Going to a public bathroom is quite disturbing; however, sometimes we have an emergency and we must do it. Do this and save yourself from health problems!

When we go to a public bathroom it is normal that we feel disgusted to sit on a toilet where thousands of people have sat. Besides that, these places are not the most hygienic of all and always have bad smell or urine everywhere.

In short, public toilets are very dirty places. !hen it comes to going to one of them we may find ourselves in a problem. Public restrooms are a more serious problem for women than for men.

Since they are the ones that should sit on the toilet to be able to fulfill their needs, women are at great risk. While men do it standing and have no contact with the urinal, it leaves them away from any infection due to the hygiene of the place.

However, can we really get infected by sitting on a public toilet? Recently, a statement from a doctor has been made that it is almost impossible to get an infection when sitting on a toilet. The man claims that the microbes die few hours after being in the open.

This news has created a great stir, since this seems inconceivable. No one likes to have contact with the genital areas of a stranger and much less with urine, however, the statements of this man have a considerable sustenance.

You cannot get an infection in a public bathroom?!

In general, the doctor, a professor of Microbiology and Pathology at NYU University, said there is no harmful microbe in the composition of the urine, so you cannot get any infection from making contact with it.

However, you can catch a cold or other illness by touching something other people have put their hands on. You can get other diseases such as AIDS and infections of the intimate areas only through blood or sexual contact, so they are not an option in a public bathroom.

One of the most significant claims of this doctor is that bacteria do not live outside the body, so getting a herpes or something similar is almost impossible to conceive in this way.

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