Learn How to Heal Blisters Fast and Naturally – 7 Tips

See how to heal blisters fast using these natural remedies and prevent further complications and discomfort.

Although the appearance of blisters on the skin usually does not indicate anything serious, it is better to give them an adequate treatment to prevent them from becoming infected or generating another complication.

Blisters on the skin are bubble-like pockets of liquid that form due to a burn, skin infection, or friction. The fluid they contain is similar to water, but sometimes acquires a reddish or yellowish-green color that alerts them to an infection.

Though they are annoying and can cause pain, their presence indicates that the body activated a defense mechanism to cure skin attacks. Therefore, as soon as the skin heals, that little liquid bulge disappears. What to do to cure them?

They do not usually alert anything serious, but many prefer to adopt a treatment to accelerate their recovery. This is not only done in order to reduce the discomfort that they cause, but to avoid the development of a bigger problem.

Symptoms of blisters on the skin

Since blisters on the skin are lesions in a specific area, they do not usually present too many symptoms. However, in addition to causing those soft bubbles, they can be accompanied by discomforts such as:

  • Feeling of burning and pain
  • Pain that increases when wearing shoes or doing certain tasks
  • Redness in the affected area
  • Feeling of intense heat before the injury appears
  • Itching and sensitivity to touch
  • Greenish fluid or pus

How to heal blisters fast?

The blisters on the skin are manifested by an inflammatory process that is detonated by different stimuli. Although they can have different degrees of severity, in general there are some recommendations to accelerate their healing and protect the skin. Use these tips and learn how to heal blisters fast.

  1. Avoid bursting

One of the mistakes that people make when they notice a blister is to use some sharp element to burst the bubble. However, this action can be counterproductive, as it interferes with the defense mechanism that prevents infections.


Regardless of its size, it is best to wait until the blister disappears on its own.

  1. Remove dry skin

When several days have passed since the injury occurred, it is possible to notice dry or dead skin that may be undesirable. You have to try to remove only the raised skin, because being aggressive with healthy tissues can be worse.


When you notice the dry blister, apply an exfoliating remedy to remove the skin remnants.

  1. Do not cover them

Using a band-aid or bandage to cover the blisters on the skin can interfere with the healing process. While it is a measure that decreases pain by avoiding more friction, it is an obstacle for the skin to receive air and regenerate.


Use comfortable shoes, with which you can keep the injury uncovered. If the blister is on other parts of the body, avoid bandages and wear loose clothing.

  1. Use antiperspirants

Talcum powder and other antiperspirant products can promote the relief of chafing. In fact, they serve as a preventative, as they keep the skin dry. Sweat softens the skin and facilitates the development of these injuries.


Use talcum powder on your feet before using any footwear. Try to use cotton socks or tissues that do not accumulate moisture.

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  1. Wear appropriate shoes

Narrow or synthetic shoes can worsen the condition of the blisters on the skin. Therefore, if the injury occurs in the feet, it is better to use ample shoes, made of comfortable materials. Also, you have to be careful when wearing new shoes.


Use sandals or uncovered shoes until the injury is healed. If for some reason you must wear closed footwear, use some protection barrier.

  1. Apply ice cubes

The refreshing and anti-inflammatory effect of ice cubes can reduce the burning that occurs when suffering from a blister. This simple remedy refreshes the skin and provides an analgesic effect that controls the discomfort.


Wrap several ice cubes in a soft cloth and put them on the affected area. Use them several times a day if you consider it necessary.

  1. Rub aloe Vera gel

Because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory composition, aloe Vera gel is one of the best natural ingredients to promote the healing of blisters. Its direct application reduces bulging and calms the burning sensation.


Extract some aloe Vera gel and rub it on the affected area. Repeat its use 2 or 3 times a day, until the skin heals.

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