How to make your vagina taste and smell good? Although you’ve tried the best bath soaps, it’s not working. Check out why and how to improve the smell and the taste of your vagina.

how to make your vagina taste and smell good

Women’s vagina has a natural taste and odor; when healthy, it smells neutral – when unhealthy, it has a bad odor. The things women make in order to keep their vagina smell good are simply incredible. They use perfumes, wash their vagina with expensive bath soaps and still… the odor is there. The point is that actually, all your vagina asks of you is healthy diet and good hygiene. Check these tricks how to make your vagina taste and smell good and change the game forever. Be satisfied with your body odor, be irresistible and enjoy sexual relationships more.

How to make your vagina taste and smell good

Both men and women enjoy sexual intercourse. There’s nothing shameful in that. However, it is shameful for the woman when she herself smells the bad odor coming from down there. And she’s sure that her partner smells it too. This kills the mood and it can in fact, kill relationships and marriages as well. That’s why, you need to take good care of your ‘lady’, ladies.

Rule number 1 – Shower at least once a day, every day!

Practicing good hygiene is essential for the health of your vagina (and your overall health, of course). The trick here is that you’re doing it all wrong whole your life. Using expensive soaps and perfumes only make things worse. The chemicals contained in those products mess up with the natural pH and might cause additional irritations and infections. In addition to showering, change your underwear at least twice a day.

Wash your vagina with water only!

Sounds awful, right? In fact, only water keeps your natural pH in the right place. The alternative solutions would be teas. Use chamomile or bearberry tea instead of water, if you don’t trust water enough. The truth is that the chemicals which you believe would give your vagina a fresh smell and taste actually only mix up with the bad odor and make things worse.

When you urinate, make sure you’re wiping correctly

If you’re used to wipe from back to front, then you’re deadly wrong. The bacteria from your anus gets in touch with the vulva and causes infections. The trick is to wipe from front to back.

Wear only cotton underwear

Of course, you’ll sometimes need sexy underwear, but other than then, wear only cotton underwear for every-day-use. Cotton is breathable and loose, so your vagina breaths freely. When you wear tight underwear or thongs, you’re at risk of getting infections.

Practice healthy nutrition

Sugar and dairy are the main causes for candida, for example. Eating unhealthy foods, besides bad hygiene, also add up to the list of risk factors. Avoid sugar and dairy whenever you smell that something’s wrong.

Of course, practice safe sexual intercourse

And this is not a trick, you’re already aware that you need to play safe. And not only to prevent pregnancy. Any foreign object causes imbalance in your vagina, so beware of all the sexually transmitted diseases, including warts, viruses, AIDs etc. In practicing safe sex, you should also check the labels of the lubricants and condoms. Choose those made of water or silicone based. Avoid all those with fragrance and be careful what you put on and inside your vagina.