Why Sleeping On Your Left Side Is The Correct Way To Sleep?

The correct way to sleep in order for your lymphatic system, digestion and breathing is on the left side. Read why and start sleeping on this side!

 Have you noticed that when you sleep on your left side you wake up fresh, rested and calm? That’s because you’re doing your body a favor when you fall asleep on your left side.

Although some may claim that sleeping on your left side you’re suppressing your heart, that’s not true. It is actually way better to sleep on this side, because your body functions better.

Sleeping on the left side is actually the correct way to sleep. Sleeping this way you will have a proper digestion, you’ll breathe normally and your lymphatic system will function better.

Why sleeping on your left side is the correct way to sleep?

Normal breathing

Sleeping on your back causes too much pressure for your upper back and leaves space for your lower back to stay in a suspended state. In this way, the air flow that goes to your lungs is blocked and you cannot breathe normally. Furthermore, this position leaves long-term neck and back pain consequences, and spine bending.

Better digestion

When you’re sleeping on your right side, your stomach is upside-down and the gastric juice is on the wrong side, providing bad digestion. On the other hand, sleeping on your left side makes a perfect environment for your stomach to work while you’re sleeping. How? Well, when sleeping in this position, your food gets digested properly in your stomach, travels smoothly from your small to your large intestine and ends up into the colon with ease. In fact, doctors recommend lying down on your left side for 10 minutes after each meal for people with bad digestion. In this way, they will improve their digestion and constipation.

Improved lymphatic system function

Your lymphatic system is present mainly on your left side. Moreover, the lymphatic congestion happens in the left side so when sleeping on this side, gravity takes the pressure away for the lymph drainage to get to your heart and spleen. In this way, you’re preventing possible cardiovascular problems, which is the opposite of the legend that says sleeping on the left side hurts puts your heart at risk.