Why You Need To Stop Putting Toilet Paper Under Or Over The Toilet Seat In Public Toilets?

Find out why you need to stop putting toilet paper under or over the toilet seat immediately! You have a really wrong idea about it!

Many people are afraid of public restrooms. Some get nervous by being aware that they are using the bathroom that someone else has used, while others have simply seen too many disasters how to rely on them. It’s like throwing dice every time you use a public restroom. Who knows what you’ll find behind those doors? If you can close them … Overflow toilets, dirty seats, even dirtier floors – the scene is never pretty. However, when nature calls, public restrooms are our only option.

So what do you do when you really, really need to use a public restroom? Put one of those seat covers? But what if you do not have any? Do you build a toilet paper barrier instead? If the answer is yes, you need to stop doing that. Toilet paper under or over the toilet seat is not the solution.

People assume that bathrooms are full of bacteria, but the current seats are not designed to collect anything. Its deliberate curve and smooth surface prevent bacteria from sticking around, making them safer to sit on. Germs cannot multiply on bare skin by themselves, so do not expect to get sick after sitting in a dry public toilet. Where are the real germs in public toilets? On the toilet paper.

Why not putting toilet paper under or over the toilet seat?

Unlike toilet seats, nothing in a toilet is designed to prevent bacteria from adhering to it. The germs spread all over the place when you pull the chain. They stick to the walls, the doorknob, the toilet paper dispenser, and, of course, the toilet paper itself. Unfortunately, the surface of the toilet paper is perfect for picking up the bacteria. Germs lye directly on paper – and tend to enter our bodies, often when used to blow our noses or clean our faces. In doing so, we make it very easy for these nasty germs to enter our bodies.

In fact, almost every surface of a public toilet is oozing with bacteria, including the sink and hand dryers. According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology, apart from toilets, electric hand dryers are largely responsible for distributing large amounts of bacteria around the toilet.

The problem with electric hand dryers is the flow of air. In addition to removing water from the hands, it also expels bacteria and viral particles into the air. This causes them to circulate throughout the room, polluting almost everything in sight. Although the air coming out of the hand dryer may be clean, certain hand dryers accumulate small pools of water with bacteria from the water that drip from the hands of the user. Not to mention, that many of us are too impatient to wait for our hands to be completely dry, and we leave with wet and dripping hands – which generates a greater spread of bacteria. While it may be cheaper for a company to invest in an electric hand dryer, paper towels are actually more beneficial to everyone’s health.

What to do?

So, what should you do if you have to use a public restroom? For one thing, do not build a toilet paper barrier. And second, close the toilet lid before the water dump to prevent the germs from flying around. Also, consider bringing your own baby wipes or hand sanitizer with you. These little things can help you avoid catching harmful bacteria.

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