This Exfoliating Homemade Mask Will Solve All Your Face Imperfections!

An exfoliating homemade mask made of natural ingredients is what we all need; see the perfect combination to solve all your face imperfections!

Most people, who care about the physical state of their body, focus their attention mainly on the state in which their face is.

The level of concern of these people reaches such a point that when they feel that their face is lacking hydration, they resolve to buy a lot of products just to exfoliate it and make it look fresh again.

The problem is that these products sometimes have very strong components, and unwittingly, people can end up injuring their skin. To avoid this, it is best to get rid of those products and return to the classic, natural formulas. In fact, more and more people use homemade remedies to preserve their faces and take care of their hygiene.

These types of treatments are not so famous because they do not contribute money to the big companies that are involved in the cosmetics business; on the contrary, they could ruin them. But these companies know that home remedies really do serve. Today, we will show you a recipe for an exfoliating homemade mask.

The best thing about this fantastic mask is that most of its ingredients can be found in the supermarket closest to your home. Now pay attention, look for paper and pencil, because soon we will introduce you with the requirements to prepare this incredible and powerful mask. You will not need expensive cosmetics anymore.

An exfoliating homemade mask recipe


  • A middle-sized banana
  • One cup of oatmeal, mixed with dietary yogurt
  • Two eggs
  • Honey to taste

Method of preparation:

All you have to do to prepare this powerful exfoliating homemade mask is to beat all the ingredients in a blender until the mixture becomes homogeneous and looks doughy.

Its use is very simple. Just pour the paste over your face, tucking it in the areas where you need it, or suspect that there may be imperfections.

All you have to do afterwards is to lie down for ten minutes and you’re ready. Then remove the mask with water and surprise! Beauty guaranteed. You can apply this mask 3 times a week.

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