There are different types of belly fat and belly shapes. Recognize which one is yours and how to reduce it in order to look more attractive.

The body is one of the aspects that most differentiate us. That is, we all have particular characteristics that are not repeated in anyone else so identically.

We can have similar noses but it is not the same with the whole body. These differences are mainly in the belly shape. Many of us eat more than others, or have certain habits different from others. This resonates in our body in a way that you cannot imagine, both inside and outside.

And, of course, many are concerned about its exterior, how our body looks. That is why we share this information about bellies. Here we are going to share different types of belly fat and belly shapes that exist. Also we will teach you the way in which you could reduce them, if you want. So without further ado, let’s see all the different types of belly fat and shape.

Different types of belly fat and how to reduce it

Tire belly

This is usually the belly of sedentary life and not active people. In addition to consuming foods rich in calories which increase the belly, these people also usually gain weight their legs and hips. The tips to reduce it are:

  • Reduce consumption of sugary and refined foods
  • Avoid eating “light” or “low fat” foods, since they are often a hoax
  • Exercise
  • Exclude alcohol from your diet

Belly caused by stress

Bloating occurs in the belly in people who are extremely perfectionist. When things do not go as they want, it affects the stomach, which in turn suffer from irritable bowel.

  • Don’t abuse caffeine and eat a lot of fast food or junk
  • Improve sleep habits
  • Eat foods rich in magnesium
  • Avoid excess caffeine
  • Exercise frequently

Swollen belly

These bellies are flat and swell as the day passes, usually due to food intolerance, poor digestion or allergies. It is usually caused by eating too many heavy foods or not chewing well:

  • Avoid foods to which you are allergic or intolerant
  • Improve eating habits to improve digestion
  • Deal with any stomach upset

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With these tips it will be easy to face any problem with the different types of belly fat and shape you have. Don’t forget to SHARE them with your friends and solve their belly problem as well.