How to cut calories is the first question that pops in your mind whenever someone mentions diets and calorie counting. Use these more often because they’re the most low-calorie foods.

How to cut calories

You’ve heard million times that you need to cut some calories if you want to lose weight. However, no one actually explains to you how to do that. Although we’ve given you a table of foods with counted calories, it would be useful to emphasize a few foods which are absolutely harmless. Learning how to cut calories might actually save your life, socially, emotionally and physically. So, let’s learn which foods have the least calories, so that we can consume them more.

How to cut calories – Using these foods


You should know that 1 cup of cauliflower has only 27 calories. The recommended daily dose of calories is approximately 1500 calories. Can you imagine all of the recipes you can prepare for yourself with 55 cups of cauliflower? We’ll give you two examples. You can boil or steam them, adding olive oil and spices. Or you can bake them adding some spices of your choice.


1 cup, 7 calories. 7 calories! You can freely prepare spinach combined with rise, cooked, baked. Or you can just put it in your blender, adding other greens and you have a perfect detoxifier.


Celery is the most popular veggie among celebrities. They use celery a lot, especially models, because 1 cup of celery has 16 calories. So they make delicious smoothies with it, they bake it with spices, they steam it… you name it.


It’s hard not mentioning broccoli when talking about low-calorie food. Broccoli has a bit more calories than the other ones mentioned previously, 31 calories. However, broccoli has an amazing taste, no matter how you prepare it. You can combine it literally with everything.

Cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes, other than looking so attractive in a plate, but also taste good and have only 27 calories a cup. You can eat cherry tomatoes combined with fruits or vegetables, because they have this sweet taste and go just fine with everything.

Of course, combining all of these in a bowl and eating them raw is the healthiest, easiest and tastiest way!

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