A fat neck under chin can become a real nightmare; see what the reasons for its appearance are and how to handle it at home!

That hideous and annoying skin that hangs under the chin is what we know as the double chin. It is caused by different external and genetic factors, but it is much more common in people with overweight or obesity.

However, there are thin people who have fat neck under chin and also want to eliminate it. Keep reading these wonderful tips that we bring you today.

Causes for fat neck under chin


Obesity is one of the main causes of double chin formation, since excess weight makes it easier to accumulate fat under the chin. The skin stretches and generates the double chin.


Abundant exposure to the sun causes the skin tissues to dry out and lose collagen and its elastic properties. This aging makes the skin more likely to hang from areas where there is more tissue, such as on the face.


The aging process immensely influences the appearance of the double chin. Older people tend to develop it because their skin has less collagen and is less smooth. Weaker tissues tend to cluster under the chin and cause the phenomenon.


People who lose weight quickly end up developing fat neck under chin. Fat and adipose tissue recede with diet and exercise at high speed, but not at the same rate as the skin. This generates excess tissue under the jaw.


There is a certain predisposition to develop the double chin according to genetic inheritance. This responds to physiological and biological factors. For example, people with short necks and small jaws develop them more easily.

How to eliminate it?

It is worth mentioning that although the aging process and overweight are the main players, there are young and thin people who also have double chins and this is the most annoying thing, due to the desynchronization between the neck and the rest from her body.

Kiss to heaven

To do this exercise, you should lift your head as much as you can. First of all, stretch your neck, then join your lips as you throw kisses with your head tilted. It is recommended to perform three sets of 10 repetitions every day.

Neck massage

The next exercise must be done at least three times every day. You should raise the head by stretching the neck and opening the mouth slightly. Then place your hand around the neck pressing gently. Finally, the hand is passed by the neck stretching the skin down.

The tennis ball

Place a tennis ball on the neck, holding it with the chin. Then you have to press your chin firmly against the ball for about two seconds and release it slightly without letting it fall. You have to repeat the exercise 10 times.

Chew a gum

This exercise is the simplest, as it does not require much time or needs much attention. Chewing gum helps keep the chin to become strong. It is recommended that the chewing gum be sugar-free.

Exercises can be combined and programmed to create a personal routine tailored to needs. It is advisable not to force your muscles and stop when you feel fatigue. Equally, it is important to be consistent in performing the exercises.

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