Best bacteria killer is only a few steps away. You can find it in the nearest local store and kill bacteria that cause tuberculosis, tooth decay and pneumonia!

Ever heard of cashew nuts? Well, they are kidney-shaped nuts in the cashew apple. They originate from Brazil, but many commercial producers distribute it all over the world.

However, these nuts can are seasonal and you cannot always find them. This is because they don’t have a long shell life due to the caustic resin or cashew balm that they contain.

The best bacteria killer – Cashew nuts

These amazing nuts kill bacteria that cause tuberculosis, tooth decay, acne and pneumonia. This is due to their anacardic chemical content which is the best bacteria killer.

These anarcadic chemicals have powerful antioxidant, anti-Helicobacter pylori and antitumor properties. Evidently, they are good for fighting tumors and cancers as well. Testimonies show that they are extremely efficient in reducing the pancreatic cancer risk.

In addition, if you consume 1 ounce of these nuts every week, you’re reducing the risk of gallstones development by 25 percent.

Cashew nuts contain the lowest fat than any other nuts, so they’re great for weight loss too. Also, these nuts contain the unsaturated fatty acids similar to olive oil. This monosaturated fat helps diabetic successfully treat their triglyceride levels that cause them problems.

When it comes to weight loss, these incredible seeds lower the risk of gaining weight by 30 percent. A study made in Spain showed that women who consumed them at least twice a week were less prone of gaining weight.

Additionally, cashew nuts have powerful properties for treating cardiovascular problems and obesity. Due to their ability to reduce the triglyceride levels that travel in the blood, they reduce the risk of heart diseases.

They are rich in copper, manganese, zinc, magnesium and phosphorous, so they are extremely healthy for everyday use as well. You could use them in your meals and smoothies, just to prevent any disease caused by bacteria.