Sudden high blood pressure can be notice when you’re stressed, super tired, you lack sleep etc. Reduce it in 5 minutes using this trick!

High blood pressure is often manifested with severe headache, dizziness, eye pressure and sometimes even vomiting.

Your blood pressure may rise due to some stressful times, intense workout, continuing sadness, chronic tiredness and lack of sleep. Sometimes, you can sudden high blood pressure appears and you have no idea where it came from.

The thing is, today, we are under a lot of pressure and stress constantly. This stress may not cause problems immediately; sometimes it shows signs of it much later.

This usually happens the minute you relax after a long stressful period. Your blood vessels have become slimmer and your muscles tired for a long time. That is how the pressure has been generated and now shows signs of it.

During these moments, you can lower your blood pressure within 5 minutes! There’s a Chinese secret that regulates your blood pressure without using any medications.

The trick is to improve the blood circulation, because slower bloodstream flow causes high blood pressure. In order to improve the circulation, follow these leads.

Sudden high blood pressure relief

Region number one

Using your fingertips, touch the region near the ear lobe, towards the clavicle center. Don’t apply any pressure or massage. You’ll need to gently make soft movements up and down. Repeat the procedure 10-15 times until you feel pressure relief.

Number two spot

This time, touch your ear lobe but now go with your fingertips half a centimeter towards the nose. Massage using your fingertips only for around 60 seconds each side. Massage using circle movements clock or counter-clock wise adding a little bit of pressure. Make sure that it won’t hurt you; so don’t use a lot of pressure.

Spot number three

There’s a part of your face, a little bit higher than your ears and towards your nose called the temple. Find the temples on both sides of your face and press them both gently. Don’t use too much pressure. Massage gently using circular movements. If you do this properly, the high blood pressure will disappear. In addition, massaging this spot can help you with headaches as well.