Cold painful hands and feet signal a health issue. There are trick how you can improve your state, but you have to do a full checkup!

Usually, cold feet and hands are a sign of poor blood circulation, and we all know that. But we keep on going like that; we put gloves and another pair of socks on and we take no further action.

However, poor circulation is not something you should take for granted. It is a severe health issue and requires treatment.

The most common factors that cause poor circulation are unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, no physical activities, drugs, alcohol) and other health conditions (diabetes, atherosclerosis, and hypertension).

Poor circulation symptoms start with the cold painful hands and cold feet problem, but then they develop into tingling and pain all over your arms and legs. The things can get even worse.

But let’s stop for a minute and determine what we need to do in order to prevent poor circulation and improve our actual one.

First of all, you’ll definitely need to change your diet, from unhealthy to a healthy one. We’ll give you the necessary tips, don’t worry.

Get rid of cold painful hands and cold feet problem

Drinking more water

Drinking more water than you’re used to is the number one thing you learn about healthy life. The minimum you should drink is 8 glasses of water; the more the merrier.

And you know why? Water brings oxygen to the brain, tissues, cells and organs. By drinking a lot of water, you will successfully boost your metabolism and you’ll improve your circulation.


Circulation is especially important when it comes to physical activity. If your circulation is fine, you’ll burn fat faster and easier. If not, you’ll need to work hard in order to improve it. But with regular workouts, you’ll manage that, no worries. You’ll get two in one: good circulation and great body!

Eat ginger and garlic

These two veggies successfully control cardiovascular diseases, prevent blood clots and blocked, clogged arteries and improve the health of the heart. Garlic and ginger contain compounds, like zingerone or gingerols that naturally warm up your body and prevent any blockage of blood circulation.

Use essential oils

Essential oils are known for relaxation, massages and stuff like that. But do you know why? Because they have powerful thermogenic properties that warm up the body and improve the flow of the blood. In this way, they relax the muscles and relieve the cold painful hands and cold feel problem.

Consume fish and fish oil

Fish are insanely rich in omega-3 fatty acids; fish oil as well. They unblock any blood clot or clogged artery and boost your circulation and blood flow.

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