Thursday, May 6, 2021


Never thought that by combining everyday foods you can actually make a healthy, balanced diet? Follow our lead on healthy food recipes and you’ll change your mind! Your body needs a balanced diet when you’re working out. We will carefully prepare you recipes daily, so you can just get your sleeves up and start preparing those delicious, and yet, completely healthy meals. Bon appetite!

Menu of the day 17/09/2016

Okay, today’s meals will be full with proteins, so you know what you gotta do: do your workout and don’t give up! But wait to see what we’re talking about and you’ll see it will be worth the effort! Meal n.1 Mushroom surprise Whole egg                      ...

Did Someone Say Strawberry?

Wanna fresh, sweet, perfectly healthy strawberry smoothie to begin your day with? Hmm let’s see what we can do about it. You want to surprise your partner in bed, bringing him a healthy glass of love? Here’s what you should do: Ingredients: 1 banana 1 peach handful of strawberries ice cubes 200ml water First of all, it's nice to mention that this...

Smoothie – DOs and DONTs

We all know that a smoothie is made from blended fruits and/or vegetables. Also, we have the general opinion that all smoothies are healthy and safe for a healthy life. However, that’s not entirely true. I have been drinking fruit smoothies for a while know, and my last doctor’s appointment was shocking. He told...

Delicious Menu Of The Day 14/08/2016

menu of the day
So, on today’s menu, we offer you calorie-counted, easy-to-prepare, incredibly yummy meals. Get ready to enjoy! Meal n.1 Fruitish oatmeal Oatmeal, prepared with water/low-fat milk/soy milk                      160mml Spoon of chopped walnuts/peanut /almond/hazelnut                   1/ 1½ Fresh or frozen berries                                                                                  120mgr Cook the oatmeal with the fluid of your choice, and mix it with the chopped nuts and the...

Organic Green Smoothie

organic green smoothie
As we already talked about, green smoothies are real hot right now, everyone drinks them, and we found a way of combining fruits and vegetables into a perfect match for everyone’ s taste. The ingredients that are necessary for this special green smoothie are:   1 glass of low-fat or soy milk 1 tablespoon of vanilla powder 2 cups...