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Health is one of the most precious things in life, and keeping up with good health is crucial for everyone. Living a healthy life means being active, eating healthy food and resting. These three things make the best combination, and we will lead the way for you to make time and enough effort needed to succeed. Follow us!

These 4 Types Of Headaches Reveal More Serious Health Problems! 

4 types of headaches
There are these 4 types of headaches which serve as indicators that something's wrong with your health. Something more serious than just a simple headache. Although we've suggested some homemade cure for headache in our previous posts, we better inform you what do these headaches tell you about your health. We've investigated, and we've found...

Beauty Overload: DIY Homemade Night Creams

DIY homemade night creams
We present you THE 5 best DIY homemade night creams: made with only 3 easily accessible ingredients.  They're easy to make, they guarantee great results and most importantly, they're cheap. The difference between day and night creams First, let's state the difference between day and night cream. All of the day creams are specifically made with...

Lemon, Salt and Pepper – Simple Solutions To Tricky Problems?

lemon salt and pepper
Lemon, salt and pepper - simple solutions to tricky problems? And what kind of problems are we talking about? The ones that get on our nerves most: gallstones, toothache, colds and flues and many more. Interested in finding out why and how to use lemon, salt and pepper in treating these? We use salt and pepper...

Oregano – The Health Benefits Of This Plant Will Surprise You!

health benefits of oregano
The health benefits of oregano are something you'd never think of when you're consuming it. For all of us, oregano is just a spice, a plant, something we use to give a good taste to our food. We use it in pizzas, sauces, pasta etc. There's a lot of recipes which promote.  At least, we...

Chemo and Radiation Consequences – What To Do After?

chemo and radiation
Chemo and radiation, unfortunately, have become words that we constantly hear. Numerous people are suffering from different types of cancer, and even worst, some of them cannot be saved. Difficult cases set apart, one of the main reasons people lose the battle with cancer is simple. They are not informed enough about the side-effects and...

Cure Headaches At Home!

You have headaches, migraine? We'll help you prepare yourself a homemade remedy to relieve the pain immediately! Migraine and headaches can be very frustrating. The headaches can literary ruin your day. Are you one of those who have a pain that it's so unbearable and doesn't allow you to perform your daily duties? We have...

How Dangerous Unhealthy Diets Can Be?

Have you ever wondered how dangerous unhealthy diets can be for our general health? In these crazy times that we’re living, we just look around and see that we are all consumed with this fast living: fast food, no rest, busy lives… We’re practically eating on foot. We never stop and think ‘How bad...

Stress relief techniques by Dr. Jones

Stress relief techniques by Dr. A.George
Nowadays, we all know how badly stress can influence our lives, and we know that stress is the enemy, literally. You go to the doctor’s, you complain about having a headache, “It’s stress”. Or, you’re having a serious health issue, and again, the doctor says “It’s stress”. You’re fired during a huge meeting, the...